Thursday, July 9, 2009

Those magical moments

I have been working on two novels simultaneously for quite some time. Someone brought to my attention this week the possibility of starting one a bit earlier than I did. I had brought in some past information by using a flashback. I was afraid if I wrote that scene it would be too long and not necessary.

Still, once the seed fell out of the package, I knew I had to do something with it. I tried. The words I typed weren't making me "feel" it. So I worked on something else and went back later in the day. With the kids home writing can seem more like a chore. I had to try some nurturing.

Out came the headphones. I chose a very reliable playlist from my iPod and let the music start. I am happy to say it worked.

The words came out of my head and flowed through my fingertips straight into my document. Another "Aha!" moment was born. And I have to thank my fellow writer and critiquer for her suggestion.

My one novel now has the correct inciting incident to start off the story. It may be a first draft but it "feels" right.

It's great to have those magical moments in my writing life.

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