Monday, November 4, 2019

Out now: The Beginning of Everything: a Pre-teen Anthology #Anthologies #RNRPublishing #PreTeens #Kids #StoriesForKids #KU

The Beginning of Everything a Pre-teen Anthology is available now

The start of something new is often scary to think about.
Growing up can be hard. But with friends and stories, you'll have everything you ever need.
Follow these adventures describing life in the in between... Growing up and Getting Older...
All proceeds from this anthology will go to Birthday Wishes.

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Also Available on #KindleUnlimited
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Fire & Ice: A Limited Edition Collection of Supernatural, Paranormal & Fantasy Romances is now available

Fire & Ice: A Limited Edition Collection of Supernatural, Paranormal & Fantasy Romances

They are two of the most powerful elements known to man.
From tiny sparks to a blazing inferno, fire is intense and can consume anything in its path.
Ice, it’s frigid counterpart can startle your senses, making you shiver.
When put together, you’ll find a force that is stronger than anything you’ll encounter.
If you love the paranormal and can’t get enough of romance, then this set is exactly what you need in your library.

Twenty stories by some of today's talented authors. All for .99!

Available now:
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My novella, An Unexpected Fae, is included in this collection.

Blurb: Home alone on winter break, Holly needs to figure out where to finish her degree. She never imagined she’d lose her heart and soul to an otherworldly being.

Instead of finding answers, she discovers the body of an injured young man left for dead on her family’s land. Before passing out, he makes her pledge to help him. She learns he’s no an ordinary man, he’s a fae prince. Fae regard promises as literal binding contracts. Now she’s not only nursing a wounded prince, she shares an intense bond with him.

Their chemistry is undeniable. While he recuperates, they grow closer. Soon they unearth a history of deceit, illegal spells, and family secrets. Now Holly must keep the prince safe from those who want him dead. All she needs to do is protect the prince and make sure her promise doesn’t get her killed.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Our Secret Nook II Available Now

Our Secret Nook II
Various Authors
Publisher: Vision Anthologies

Authors join together to support charity efforts with their word. Each has chosen one of three prompts and has created a short story for your entertainment.
1. You go to bed in the present, you wake up in the 1920's.It can be any year within that decade. What would you do?
2. You sold your soul to the devil some years ago. Today he gives it back and says I need a favor.
3. The kitchen door opens and a familiar scent draws you to the room. You push open the door to find the room is empty and the back door is standing wide open. What is cooking and why are you suddenly alone?

I am part of this anthology. I chose prompt #3 for my story, When Fireflies Burn. The book is available at Amazon in eBook or paperback. Find it here: