Friday, July 3, 2009

RIP Shojo Beat

Okay, I will admit, I'm a grown-up who reads manga. I have made space on my book shelves for the volumes I own. I enjoy them. I love the different story lines, the creativity of the subjects covered, the beautiful artwork. Supernatural beings, spirits, demons, other worldly creatures with names I can't always pronounce. I like it all.

I subscribed to Shojo Beat a couple of years ago. It was a magazine geared for females who love to read manga. It took a while to get used to reading back-to-front, but I did. I even got my daughters into reading some of the manga. Unfortunately, I just put away the very last copy. It was a sad day when I read Viz was ceasing publication.

It was through their publication I learned about "Nana," "Godchild," and so many others. As a huge fan of "Vampire Knight" I enjoyed seeing the artwork on a larger 8 1/2"x11"page (no better way to appreciate Kaname than that).

So rest in peace Shojo Beat. I will miss reading your magazine. No more SB to take out of the mailbox. I will continue to read manga, though. Nothing can make me stop that;)

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