Monday, February 18, 2013

Marvels of the day, part 1

There are things I occasionally have to marvel at/about. Here are some:

  • Minecraft. As I type this, my eight year old son is playing Minecraft. I don't get it. Typing in commands seems old-fashioned today. The old school interface, graphics, even the sound effects, but he LOVES it. He gives the video game systems a rest to play this computer game. You should see the condition of his laptop.
  • Type, type, type. I wonder about my two teens and the conditions of their fingers and wrists as they grow older. Will they develop carpel tunnel syndrome from living on their cell phones? Will their eyesight worsen over time from years of looking at small type?
  • Go play. Do kids play outdoors anymore? Or are they content to stay indoors, play games, watch tv, play apps on their phones or tablets? Or even read?
  • Re-read the driver's ed manual. Why do some drivers make such poor decisions? If you're waiting to turn onto a road, see one car approaching with no others behind it, do you really need to jump out in front of this vehicle and continue to do 10 mph in a 40mph zone?
  • It's about the singing, isn't it? Why do reality shows about singers competing spend so much on the ones who lack a fiber of talent or on a contestant's backstory? Do we need to know about a contestant's problems in order to judge their ability to carry a tune?
  • Mirror, mirror. Are mirrors expensive or in shortage? I'm appalled at the way some people leave their homes. I wonder if they know what a mirror is for or if they bother to glance at one before exiting their homes. If they did, they would spare the unsuspecting public from these horrors. If you wear a size 14, don't squeeze into a size 6 for anything. Please.
  • Shows that make me go hmm... What is Glee really about nowadays? Can someone tell me? As a viewer from the get-go, I feel lost.
  • Lose the Idols, watch this instead. Why did it take so long for me to find out about the glorious Lizzie Bennett Diaries?
Okay, that's enough venting for now. 

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