Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's Going On

I wrote a post yesterday on my favorite 'dark' YA novels for the beginning of the I Love Dark YA Blogfest. There are so many good choices I had to think about as I compiled my list. And I had to mention the importance of Judy Blume who has been such a pioneer in children's literature. Here's my post over at my other blog, Reader Girls.

Also, today is the third day of NaNoWriMo and I have begun writing my YA fantasy. This story has been in the forefront of my mind for the past two months and I've been keeping it in check until this month. I've already written the beginning twice and now I have the opportunity to devote the necessary time and thought it needs.

Oh, and one more thing. I wrote a post last week about channeling characters. The character I was actually speaking about is named Zach and his short story, "Creep," has been finished (for now). I entered it in the Writer's Digest Short Story contest in the YA genre. I am happy just to have written it and finished it within a week. I believe he has a strong voice and his short story, just under 3,000 words, is begging for a longer length. We'll see. Contest results will be announced by the end of the year.

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