Thursday, August 10, 2017

Upcoming Anthology

I've always considered myself a writer who enjoys crafting long pieces, but my published works prove otherwise. Short stories and novellas are what I currently have out. Last year, I delved into writing "drabbles" (100-word pieces, two of mine appeared in a fun Halloween-themed collection), and this year I dabbled with flash fiction. I saw a call for Queer Sci-fi's yearly contest and decided to give it a try. This year's theme, Renewal, struck a chord with me. I wound up writing two pieces and then chose what I considered was strongest (only one 300-word piece allowed). 

Writing that short was a challenge. I wrote one scene where the two main characters bypass simply working together to reach each other on another level, to truly connect. Every word I used became so important. I questioned each one, was it needed, what purpose did it serve, did it move the story? Of course, these are questions I ask during revisions of anything I create, but with such a short word count, being able to tell the story my way took careful consideration. I wound up enjoying the experience.

Of course, just before I submitted it, inspiration struck again and I wound up working in one more line (I was actually a few words under, lol, how unlike me). My story, Coffee Break, was chosen. I look forward to reading them all. Read about the contest and see the list of authors here (or:

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