Thursday, March 2, 2017

What's happening?

It has been quiet here, I know. I hear the crickets too. And I'm here to say a few things and let the social world know what's happening.

On the personal front, I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right-dominant-hand in January and I'm feeling better typing now. The journey has been bumpy and I'm still healing so that saying about patience applies in my case. I am doing my hand exercises and taking things one day at a time. My son just received the Nintendo Switch gaming system today and we're picking up the new Zelda game tomorrow. The Zelda franchise is also one of my favorites and now that the world is open to explore, I guess I'll have to create my own file so I can play when I can and not annoy my son.

On a sadder note, a close friend is ill and she's been in my thoughts constantly. I'm also trying to visit her and spend as much time with her as I can. Hug those you love and don't let petty things snowball into something unworthy. Let those you value know how you feel. That's what life is about-those you meet along your journey.

And in writing news, my muse never gives up on me and for that I'm grateful. I've been reading a lot which always helps fuel the creative part of my brain. I am back to writing, plan to finish two YA projects very near and dear to my heart, and work on other stories on the long line of projects to finish.

What I'm reading: I just read some adult short thrillers and will probably return to the pile of YA titles lined up on the carousel of my Kindle. I also have the last few months of Owlcrate books to devour.

What I'm watching: all caught up on This Is Us. This is GOOD TV.

What I'm listening to: the Women of Indie playlist on Spotify

What I'm loving: Max Richter's The Blue Notebooks

What I'm curious about: the new Linkin Park album. The song "Heavy" is certainly interesting and sounds very pop-ish. I've always loved what they achieve and I'll see what they offer fans next.

What I'm looking forward to checking out: If I Fall and Beauty and the Beast (who doesn't love Emma Watson?) at the movies, Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. Seeing great YA represented is great!

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