Friday, January 2, 2015

A new year, a new list of goals

Happy New Year! With the advent of January comes the promise making and predictions to do things better, be better people, improve ourselves somehow, yadda yadda yadda. The question at the completion of said year is simple. What did we actually DO?

Last year I made promises and didn't keep as many as I wanted to. I made attempts at some and forgot others. So this year I've decided to keep on top of things. Be more aware

So what do I want to do? Let's see:
1. Publish more. 
Writing is a solitary craft and it is done with one major focus: to somehow share it. I plan to publish the first few short stories I've written which have been included in anthologies and from there go after getting my novels out there too. 

2. Write more.
This should be self-explanatory. Make the commitment. Take the time. Sit in chair. Type. Do. Write "The End." Write more short stories, write those novels and picture books.

3. Finish. Finish. FINISH.
I compiled an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of every project I have begun last winter. It was eye opening. Shocking really. Not only did this list take me a LONG time to put together (I have PAGES!), it opened my eyes to one huge problem I have: not completing projects. I have to call my works projects since they are (notes, outlines, Pinterest folders, research, playlists). And there are way too many in various stages and none are done. :( :( It's time to get cracking and finish what I have started so I can begin crossing some project titles off of 'The List.'

4. Stop procrastinating.
Can I? Should I? Maybe? I can be my own worst enemy so I need to stop listening to that little voice which likes to provoke me with temptations or negativity or doubt or anything else hindering my productivity. Silence!!!

5. Spend more time compiling Spotify playlists for various projects
My daughter got me into Spotify last year and now there's no looking back. The very first writing playlist I put together last month has so much amazing stuff, whenever I hear something from it, I want to write. I NEED music to write to and Spotify helps me discover new music, create individual lists, and helps keep it all in ONE portable place. 

6. Submit. SUBMIT. Submit!
Just like #3, I need to get active and really reach for my dream of being traditionally published.

7. Become socially more active. From being involved in social media to attending various author or writing events, I want to become more social and aware of other writers/authors.

This is my list so far. My other wishes are private but my writing stuff is public so it is out there and I can bug myself about attaining various goals

WRITE MORE=Finishing + Editing/Revising = Querying/Submitting = an Active Writer

By the end of 2015, I hope to have attained much of this list and hopefully decrease my spreadsheet. Happy New Year!