Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop

WINTER WARM-UP Blog Hop is now underway and we are celebrating ROMANCE, LOVE and WINTER. Out of the four seasons, winter is my favorite. There is always something magical about that first snowfall of the year or waking up to see the end result of a snow storm. Everything blanketed in a coat of pure white--isn't that special? I think so and that's why I love winter. Plus, it's romantic too.

My latest novella, Into the Dark, is a New Adult paranormal romance and is included in the Lacing Shadows anthology. 

Lose yourself in the Shadows.

Five young women each encounter a different supernatural force: seductive werewolves, shadowy vampires, dangerous fae, mysterious ghosts, and nightmare creatures.

Lace yourself in scintillating tales of fated meetings, undying love, and eternal life...

Lacing Shadows features New Adult paranormal tales from five talented authors.

Lacing Shadows is now on sale for only .99 for the holidays.

The setting for my tale is mid-December and my MC, Holly, wakes to find snow covering everything outside. She decides to take a walk and discovers something, or should I say someone, intriguing on her journey. 

Here's a teaser from Into the Dark:
The first thing I spotted was a thigh-high, black boot peeking out from a long, forest-green coat, the material unfamiliar. I stepped around Chewie who was busy licking the face of the body lying on the snow. My mind was held hostage by the spectacle of him.
I gasped. His eyes were closed. Did he pass out or something? All of his clothing—from the brocaded coat and matching fur-trimmed hat, brown vest and pants, to the high-collared, yellow shirt—every article screamed pretention and fit him perfectly.
It took all my strength not to burst out laughing.
He was a cross between The Princess Bride and Pirates of the Caribbean. What theater group had this guy wandered away from?
I nibbled on my bottom lip. What now? With both hands, I pushed Chewie’s haunches. “Stop that, boy!” I nudged him. He complied, sitting a few feet away. I swear that dog is the younger sibling I asked for as a kid.
Snow leeched through my jeans as I kneeled and removed my gloves. Strands of long black hair curved along the sides of an angular jaw, the rest must’ve been tied back. Full lips, well-defined cheekbones, and long lashes made my heart rate jump. There hadn’t been guys like this—a pretty boy looking like he stepped out from the pages of a manga or movie—on campus.
Through those layers, I couldn’t see the rise and fall of his chest. Was he still alive?

Want to know what the other participating authors and book bloggers have to offer? Click the hop meme above or click HERE to find out. Enter the Grand Prize giveaway below. I'm giving away one ebook copy of the Lacing Shadows anthology. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to HOLLY LETSON. She won the giveaway and has been notified. Thanks to all who stopped by and participated!
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  1. Nothing like a good book, hot chocolate or coffee to warm the heart on a nice snowy day!

  2. There's nothing like waking up Christmas day with a fresh snowfall. Even though I'm adult, I still feel that way.

  3. My husband tries to surprise me every year with a unique gift. I love how sneaky he is and how smug he gets about picking the perfect gift. He does a great job too.

  4. i look forward to having a nice christmas lunch with my brother on dec 24th

  5. I enjoy spending time with family members I don't see that often! Also trimming the tree with my husband and singing carols with groups!

  6. Spending time with the ones I love most.

  7. Long vacation of my husband from his work, looking forward on spending time with him and my daughter :D

  8. I am looking forward to spending time with my grandchildren.

  9. So excited to see my extended family. Because we're so scattered, I only see some cousins at Christmas. Can't wait!

    steph 0828 at hotmail dot com

  10. I love decorating the tree with my family while we listen to christmas carols.

  11. Congratulations to Holly Letson! She is the winner and has been notified. Happy Holidays to all! Thank you for stopping by and participating.