Monday, November 10, 2014

Solitary writing and group writing

I did something today I haven't done before. I met three of my writer friends at a local Panera this morning, we bought breakfast, sat down, ate and chatted, and then we pulled out our laptops, netbooks or legal pads and did some writing. 

Writing. The one constant which drew us together, helped us become friends, and now writing buddies. The one thing NaNoWriMo does is help writers stay focused on the prize: a finished rough draft of a novel at the end of one month.

I usually write at home which can raise a whole slew of problems. Web surfing, spending time book blogging, stuff around the house, there are so many things which can tempt a writer from doing their craft. When writers go out and sit with other writers, the time can turn serious as each individual returns to their work-in-progress. I have to say I enjoyed my morning and want to do it again. And maybe after NaNaoWriMo I will get in the habit of getting out to write with others (and occasionally by myself), people watch and drink good coffee.

Good luck to anyone participating in NaNoWriMo!

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