Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beginnings is now available

Beginnings is the end result of Creative Prose Publishing's First Lines contest. I entered my Young Adult fantasy, Enjoy the Silence, and tied for first place. My short story is now included in this anthology of the four authors and their stories which placed. The ebook is only 99 cents!

Four authors, using a famous first line from a classic novel, weave their own tales. 

*ENJOY THE SILENCE by Laurie Treacy

Young fae Zander only wishes to live in the human realm, and leave Ashwoulde behind. But his reckless actions in one night might forever change his world - and that of those who love him.

*ETERNITY CRUX by Jamie Canosa
Aurelia and Sayer are on the run from the Legion, who would have them killed for what they know. In a moment of desperation, Aurelia is forced to leave Sayer behind, and manipulate the bounds of time itself to save him.

Kaesen, an elemental princess, lives on a distant star called Maia. She loves Alwen, but as her sworn protector they're forbidden to be together. Promised to a cruel man, Kaesen will do whatever is necessary to change the stars and be allowed to love her Alwen.

*TRAIN STATION: 3:00 P.M. by Candace Gleave
A ball of gold the size of a cow's eyeball and a man worth his weight in fortune bring together a motley group of criminals, all who will do anything and everything to obtain both treasures.

Paperback & ebook

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