Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The reviews are coming in!

I'm on Goodreads everyday when I'm book blogging for Reader Girls and I checked the page for Stalkers just for the fun of it. I'm so accustomed to being the one doing the reviewing, that switching hats seems a bit weird. But weird in a good way. A very good way! I was surprised and happy to see reviews being posted. Here are a couple:

M.L. said:

"This is an anthology of seventeen well-written short stories with one thing in common – stalkers. And not just your run-of-the-mill, white bread, everyday anonymous, pathological followers, mind you. There are also obsessed ghosts, zombies and other supernatural wackos to spice up the tales. I particularly enjoyed Powerless by Laurie Treacy, Freezer Burn by Jon Messenger, Say my Name by Michael Loring and Blog Stalker by Phil Taylor, but I can honestly say there wasn’t a dud in the bunch. Some of the offerings are darker than others—a few are downright creepy—yet none forced me to sleep to with the lights on. Quite the entertaining read!"
and Mary Lou Moench said:
"You know that icky feeling that makes you itch between your shoulder blades? You know someone is watching you. These seventeen creepy short-stories of stalkers just may have you paranoid. From “OMG that could really happen,” to “OMG it’s a gh-gh-gh-ghost,” to “OMG what is that!” Believe it or not, one even had a HEA!I love short stories and this anthology of short stories is fantastic. Short stories are perfect for when you want to read, but only have few minutes, like sitting in a waiting room. There wasn’t a bad story in this book. My two favorites were POWERLESS by Laurie Treacy and BLOG STALKER by Phil Taylor."

I am incredibly thrilled that readers are enjoying Kat's story with "Powerless." What a humbling experience. Thank you.

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