Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doing what we need to do because....

When one of my favorite singers announced he was leaving his band of twenty-something years, I was shocked. He's such an integral part of this band and is the main reason I love their music so much. His voice and the lyrics just did it for me. Then some drama began with both sides making posts on Facebook. I'm not taking sides, I wish all parties well, but then I saw this clip today.

My first thought was "Whoa."

My second, "Damn, Adam sounds phenomenal! Loose. ALIVE."

I don't profess to know anything about the life of a musician on the road or about the business/corporate side of rock music. I do know Adam Gontier sounds different, looks different, and perhaps, this is where he needs to be. No matter how he got there, I am grateful to hear him sing again.

I'm still a Three Days Grace fan--always will be--but Mr. Gontier is one of my favorites. I wish him well in whatever he does.

Dude, just don't stop singing and making music.

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