Monday, December 3, 2012

Comical additions to the family

I've decided the best way to keep my writing blog current is to blog about the little things. Here is my first post on this meme. 
Mr. Cray-Cray (in front) and the newest addition,
Cray-Cray Jr. (hanging out in back)
Over the weekend I took my eight year old son, Stevie, to the pet store. His crayfish, which has already  molted three times since Stevie brought it home from school last June, had outgrown its home. We call 'it' Mr. Cray-Cray and we picked up a nice ten gallon tank for him. As you can see in the photo, my son asked for another so now Mr. Cray-Cray has a buddy. We'll call the new one Cray-Cray Jr.

Cleaning and setting up the tank turned into a fun few hours and when it was time to put the crayfish in my family turned out to see what the excitement was all about. Crayfish are funny creatures. These two spend so much time climbing and trying to get out but with the tank covered, I don't see that happening (and with three cats in the house, I don't think they would last long out of the tank). 

Mr. Cray-Cray is quite a character
So, I guess this post deals with family additions. Anytime anything alive is added to my home, it never wants to leave. Stevie's household addition from first grade was a hermit crab--we call him Mr. Hermie and he's in a ten gallon tank along with his buddy, Mr. Big Herm--and second grade brought Mr. Cray-Cray. Thankfully, Stevie's end of the year living science project for third grade is butterflies and they're released into the wild. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'm running out of space for pets inside my house. I will admit, I find the hermit crabs and crayfish interesting pets, but like the rest of my menagerie of cats, dog, parrot and hamster, the kids' pets subsequently become mine. Somewhere there's a picture book waiting to be written featuring crabs and crayfish. Hmm.... Oh wait, we're going to pick out some fish tomorrow. 

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