Friday, November 30, 2012

Beta reading and Acknowledgments Pages

A few months ago I volunteered to be a Beta reader for a writer. I had read one of her YA fantasy novels and thoroughly enjoyed it so I figured I would take the step and say "yes!" Being a member of a weekly writer's critique group for over five years and an avid reader, I do enjoy giving my opinions to others. Within a few days the author and I were corresponding and I soon had a copy of her dystopian YA novella. I read it out loud to my fourteen year old daughter Caity when she could make the time, otherwise I sat down by myself with the manuscript and read it over one afternoon. The story was different, I liked it, and I made my suggestions.

The author emailed me to thank me and Caity and even mentioned certain suggestions I had made which she really liked and incorporated into her final draft. Some time passed and the author again emailed me to say her novella would be available soon. Within a few days she sent me the final version. After rereading and enjoying the story even more, I saw my name and my daughter's on the Acknowledgments page. How did I feel? Happy. Very happy and grateful that I could help a fellow writer.

The book is Cerulean by Anna Kyss. Isn't that a gorgeous cover? Check it out.

One hundred years ago, people were forced to retreat to the seas...
Chey's ocean home seems lovely on the outside, with its rainbow-hued reefs and soul-tingling Whale-song, but the beauty hides secrets and despair.

One thousand blues can be too many...
Some people cannot live amid them all.

After losing her parents and best friend, Chey would do anything to fight off the apathy that threatens her: swim in a brood of jellies, break her sector's rules, and even breach the Surface. A forbidden encounter sets Chey on a desperate search for a way to save her people... and herself. One question plagues her. Can she survive long enough to find a cure?

Cerulean is a 35,000-word dystopian novella. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

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