Monday, September 10, 2012

The importance of music and playlists

Now that school is back in session and I can actually concentrate in the silence, I can go back to writing. But I can't write in silence. I need music and not just any kind of music--I use playlists. And what's fun about compiling my lists is that a song can be found quite accidentally like hearing a snippet on tv or on the radio or anywhere. The songs that make my lists touch me in some way, either by the vocals, instruments, lyrics or combination of. There are three things I have always needed in my life: writing, reading and music. Here are a few examples of the artists whose works appear on many of my playlists and inspire me to create.

David Usher: 
Woah, what a lyricist. What a singer. Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful. St. Lawrence River. Alone in the Universe. The Wolves. I Am The Weapon. Blue. His music is so important to me I buy the cds, something I rarely do in this digital age. Below is the video of a live performance of St. Lawrence River--one of my utmost faves of his. "Solid by morning. It's winter by morning." I wish I could see him perform live. Patiently waiting for his new cd, Songs From the Last Day on Earth (Oct. 2)

Linkin Park:
What can I say about these guys that hasn't already been said. Brilliant. Unique. Icons. Real. Longtime fan and proud. Can't get enough of Living Things

J.R. Richards
The voice of Dishwalla. I was fortunate to see them live--doing Opaline, a classic album and so underrated--at The Chance and bought Opaline signed by the guys (hold on, fangurl moment). Again, own all the cds, including J.R.'s solo work. His voice, his lyrics get under my skin, in my head, and there they stay. Still listening to the songs from A Beautiful End. "Surrender rest here angel rest" I can hum his music all day. 

Anberlin: Unwinding Cable Car cemented my fanship to this band.

Three Days Grace: Three years is too long between albums but I'm not complaining simply because their new music is always worth the wait (October 2nd brings Transit of Venus). Thank you Adam and the guys for keeping the rocking in rock.

Kate Bush:
In two words: my idol. LOVE her music. Ever since I heard Running Up That Hill, I was a fan. Way ahead of her time. Timeless. The complete package. I never tire of listening to any of her music. I chose this video out of her many because it signifies my thoughts on her as being a visionary (and seeing Donald Sutherland as the dad was brilliant).

The first band's music I loved featured in an anime series, Ergo Proxy, which happens to be my second favorite anime ever (after Blood+ of course). Anis, the lead singer, has an unforgettable voice and I became an instant fan and own whatever music by this band I can get in my country. I'm also hooked into J-pop sensations like Hyde, Gackt, and L'Arc en Ciel, plus I love the soundtracks from Nana and Vampire Knight.

So this is just a sampling of what inspires me. As I near completion of my novels I will post songlists from each particular work and explain my choices. What inspires you?

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