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Visiting communities: Rhinebeck, Oblong Books and The Hudson Valley YA Society @MichelleZink @jackiedolamore

Michelle Zink and Jaclyn Dolamore
(Oblong Books, HVYA Society event, 2012)

Michelle Zink reads the opening chapter from her
latest novel, A Temptation of Angels.
On the afternoon of Sunday, April 22nd, despite a steady rain chilling my daughter, my friend Sandi, and myself, made our very first trip to Oblong Books in Rhinebeck. The three of us were there for a special event: Meet Young Adult Authors Jaclyn Dolamore & Michelle Zink, which was part of an Author Event series presented by The Hudson Valley YA Society

First, I have to say there is something very special about walking through an actual bookstore, seeing all of the colorful covers and titles enticing me to look at them. Being around books is soothing for me and Oblong Books is a gem--a thriving independent bookstore where customers receive special attention and the employees are book savvy. Jennifer Laughran (a literary agent and one of the founders of the Hudson Valley YA Society) was the event's presenter, introducing the authors and asking questions. I have read Michelle Zink's The Prophecy of the Sisters series and loved the gothic-like setting and the conflict between twin sisters Lia and Alice. She read from the first chapter of her new book, A Temptation of Angels, a book I have to push to the top of my TBR pile.

Jaclyn Dolamore reads from Between the Sea & Sky.
Listening to the author talk about her writing, the journey, how many hours she devotes per day, how many books she wrote in one year, was informative and especially inspiring for the writers in attendance. Both authors were humorous and Jocelyn Dolamore had us laughing with her comments about romance in YA books. Both writers had different approaches to their writing which I found intriguing. Jaclyn read a scene from her newest book, Between the Sea & Sky, which showcased her two main characters. 

Jaclyn (r) poses with Caitlin after  autographing our books
Afterwards, both authors graciously autographed all of our books and posed for pictures. As a reader I discovered more YA books I want to read and as a writer I learned in order to produce more than one book a year, authors need to give up some things in their schedule in order to have more writing time. The more we write, the better we become at our chosen craft.

The culmination of the afternoon's events were the goodies (or as book bloggers call it, "the swag":). We were fortunate enough to pick up some new ARCs of books including Heather Brewer and Daniel Waters' upcoming titles. Insurgent (Tris! Four!) t-shirts were handed out and I was able to snag one, as did my writing friend who gave hers to my daughter, Caity. Watching my daughter at her first author event was fun. When it comes to books and reading I see so much of myself at that age in her--how she regards books in such a loving manner and the quick, fierce questions she asks as she reads. 
Jaclyn not only signs her names, she gives us a drawing of
one of her characters too!
Jaclyn autographs our books
Michelle autographs our collection
of all of her books

For more of our pictures from Oblong Books' HVYA Society events, go to our special page at Reader Girls.

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