Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Day of Love

Like some other holidays, I'm leaving Valentine's Day for my kids to enjoy. I like to watch their faces when they receive something special and then receive a hug or a smile as thanks. Holidays are becoming too commercial for me. Why one day to express love? It sounds nice, but is everything else associated with and marketed for this day really necessary? I think I'm taking my critiquing group habits too seriously. Is this word needed? Isn't this already referred to? These types of comments have begun creeping up inside of my thoughts for other things.

Does my husband have to spend a lot of money on roses which will wilt in two days (because they have, they simply don't last long this time of year). I prefer the three African Violets I picked up the other day (in white, purple and pink--they are lovely). And if I take good care of them they should last a long time.

Instead of going to a restaurant I prepared a really nice meal. We've been together for over twenty years, do I need some card company trying to express for me what's in my eyes whenever I look at him? No. Love is what we show each other every day. It's in the light touch of our hand across the back of another's neck, the way we listen when they speak, in the curve of our smile when they enter a room, and it's how we can finish their sentences. For me, that's plenty. Love is being honest, straight forward, not taking the other for granted, being able to apologize when I'm wrong and to accept and appreciate what I have. And we always need to laugh--that's a biggie in a great relationship.

So before you spend excessively on the next holiday, think about it. Make it simple and remove the unnecessary things we've cluttered our lives with. I have.

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