Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting back to writing

The long, humid days of summer are long gone. Multi-colored leaves are gracing the trees and the days are turning darker quicker. Autumn is here and soon the kids will be donning their costumes and ringing doorbells. Homes will be cleaned for the impending holidays and visiting families. Is it time to think about Christmas shopping already? The calendar picture changes which means I need to really get serious about. . . .


Yes, next month is National Novel Writing Month and I have entered. I am determined to devote my free (and borrowed/stolen time) to writing my novel. November is a good month to attempt this goal. The kids are accustomed to their new schools (my three kids set milestones in September: the oldest began high school, the middle Junior High, and the youngest, elementary) so I've got a good grasp of all the after school activities. Soccer will be ending mid-month until next spring.

I am busily preparing for the big event. I have my outline, my character names and sketches, my notes are being organized, and other elements I don't need to mention. So come the first day of November, I will be ready! Are you?

For more info: http://www.nanowrimo.org/

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